Monday, July 25, 2011

Important topics for Drug delivery system

Important topics for Drug delivery

1. Fast Dissolving Drug Delivery Systems : A Review Of The Literature L. H Reddy, Bijaya Ghosh​/IndianJPharmSci644331-429498_​115549.pdf

2. Topical Ocular Drug Delivery- A Review Shyamala Bhaskaran, P. K Lakshmi, C. G Harish​/IndianJPharmSci674404-4312588​_115845.pdf

3. Nanoparticles As Drug Delivery Systems Shobha Rani R Hiremath, A Hota​/IndianJPharmSci61269-4338807_​120308.pdf

4..Multiple Emulsions : An Overview Of Formulation, Characterization, Stability And Applications V. R Sinha, A Kumar​/IndianJPharmSci643191-4343144​_120351.pdf

5. Poloxamers : Promising Block Co-Polymers in Drug Delivery D. S Singhare, Shagufta Khan, P. G Yeole​/IndianJPharmSci675523-4347218​_120432.pdf

6.Mucoadhesive drug delivery system: An overview Bindu M Boddupalli, Zulkar N.K Mohammed, Ravinder A Nath, David Banji​PharmTechRes14381-4352382_1205​23.pdf

7. Pectin-based colon-specific drug delivery Shailendra Shukla, Deepak Jain, Kavita Verma, Shiddarth Verma​ChronYoungSci2283-4371243_1208​32.pdf

8. Novel drug delivery systems in topical treatment of psoriasis: Rigors and vigors Om Prakash Katare, Kaisar Raza, Bhupinder Singh, Sunil Dogra​l766612-4375785_120917.pdf


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