Friday, June 3, 2011

Lupin inks strategic deal with NeuClone for cell line technology

 Lupin has entered into a strategic licensing agreement with Sydney based private specialty life science company NeuClone Pty Ltd for their cell line technology. Under the terms of the agreement, NeuClone will provide an exclusive proprietary mammalian CHO cell line which will express a specific recombinant protein of interest in oncology to its partner.

The agreement will also entail the Lupin Biological Research Programme scientific research staff working with NeuClone teams at their facility as a part of the overall technology transfer arrangements as specified within the agreement. NeuClone is an Australian biotech company specializing in cell line engineering for the biopharmaceutical and biomanufacturing industries. It has developed technology in recombinant protein production.

Dr Cyrus Karkaria, president, Lupin and Head of the Lupin Biological Research Programme said, “the multi-billion dollar opportunity with blockbuster biologics going off patent in the next 5-8 years is something that Lupin is pursuing aggressively. This exclusive licensing arrangement with NeuClone is a part of that strategy and would enable us to capitalize on cutting edge technology to address the biologicals market. This agreement and such similar agreements, coupled with our own pipeline will go a long way in helping us address the impending opportunity and develop a substantial differentiated biological pipeline.”

Dr Noelle Sunstrom, CEO of NeuClone, said, “This is an exciting time for NeuClone and our stakeholders as our investment in mammalian CHO cell lines is commercialized. In particular, we are enthusiastic about further developing the relationship with Lupin, an important global generic manufacturer.”

Source: Pharmabiz


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