Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lincoln Pharma launches anti malarial drug ‘ARH 1’

 Lincoln Pharmaceuticals (LPL), Ahmedabad based pharma company, has launched  anti malarial drug ‘ARH 1’, developed using innovative technology known as Dose Optimization Technology under the Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS). While mainstay treatment for malaria is complex and difficult to administer, ARH 1 is simpler and much more yielding making it easier for malarial patients to tolerate and recuperate from this disease.  ARH 1 will be particularly helpful for the treatment of severe malaria, Falciparum. The drug is more effective with less volume, less pain and low viscosity providing better compliance to malarial patients. The company has applied for a patent of ‘ARH 1’ in India as well as internationally.

Every year, millions in India alone fall victim to malaria, out of which 50 per cent of the cases are Falciparum Malaria; the most dangerous and life threatening form of malaria. ARH 1 will be available in injection form making it the Drug of Choice for the treatment of Malaria. ARH 1 contains Arteether 150mg/ml (Arteether is a fast acting blood schizonticidal agent that kills malarial parasite) and is manufactured using an innovative solubility technique which gives patients suffering from malaria the desired results. The launch of the ARH 1 injection will provide better treatment to millions of Indian’s suffering from the disease.

LPL conducted multi-centric trials on the efficacy and safety of the new and innovative ARH 1 injection at leading hospitals across the country. Clinical trials on more than 280 patients have proven the efficacy of this product in comparison to leading brands available in the market.

Speaking on the occasion Mahendra G Patel, MD, said, “Lincoln Pharma is about providing healthcare for all, the launch of ARH 1is yet another innovative drug that has been created in line with our mantra and we are very excited about its introduction. With ARH 1 we are now the first company in India to provide an enhanced treatment for severe malaria. We at Lincoln Pharma are very happy to be a part of making lives of malarial patients easier with better healthcare products. ARH 1 will further strengthen our position in the Indian pharmaceutical industry and will go a long way in establishing Lincoln Pharma as one of the leading players in the industry”.

Source: Pharmabiz


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